So what’s all the fuss about abundance, anyway? Why make wealth and abundance such a primary focus? Isn’t it better to give than to receive?

Those are excellent questions – and you may well be asking them right about now. Let’s think them through together…starting with the final question first.

For most people, the answer to “Isn’t it better to give than to receive?” would be a fairly reflexive “yes.” Inwardly, however, you may be thinking, “Well, that’s fine for somebody else, but I’ve got all these lousy bills to pay. I’ll let someone else do the giving until I’m back on my feet again.” (If you are nodding your head, that’s okay, no one’s watching.)

Let’s go back to the meaning of the word abundance: having a more than sufficient quantity. That’s really the goal, right? If we each had a more than sufficient quantity of money, we wouldn’t have all these lousy bills and we would be happy to give, right?

At the least, being wealthy would help take off the day-to-day pressure of bills, debt, and worry. Almost all of us would be pleased with that outcome.

So abundance (and in this instance we’re speaking primarily of monetary abundance) would relieve pressure, help reduce and eventually eliminate debt, and lessen worry.

Are those good reasons to pursue abundance and monetary wealth? They certainly are. Are there other reasons? Yes. Here are three reasons you may not have thought about:

1. It’s FUN! Tracking your net worth and watching it grow and grow and grow is definitely fun. In the beginning, it may seem slow and laborious – and that is usually the case. With patience and persistence, however, the laborious becomes easy and the growth becomes remarkable.

Can you imagine saving and investing for eighteen years and then in the nineteenth year having your net worth increase in one year by as much as it did in the first eleven years all put together? That’s the miracle of compounding growth – and it happens! Can you spell F-U-N? That’s what is headed your way.

2. Second, having abundance (more than you personally need) allows you to share…and sharing leads to having some unique experiences.

I still remember the day early in my wealth-building years when a little cub scout arrived at our door. This little guy (maybe seven year old) was down and out. His head was hanging, his shoulders were drooping, and he looked completely discouraged.

“What’s the matter?” I asked him after opening the door?

“I’ve been out all day1 and haven’t sold anything.”

“Well, what are you selling?” I queried.

“Candy Bars.”

He had a full box of twenty candy bars – and they just happened to be my favorite kind. Better yet, they were only a dollar each. Now I wasn’t exactly “rich” in those days, but I did have $20.00.

Can you imagine his surprise and delight when I asked if I could purchase the entire box of twenty bars?2 I bet he still remembers that moment to this day – and probably still talks about “that old geezer who bought my entire box.”

You can’t put a price on a wonderful moment like that. I’m not sure which of us got the greater joy, but I suspect I did.

See the “Unique Experiences” section for more stories like this one and please pass on some of your own experiences. We’ll share the “best of the best” on the site.

3. The third reason for pursuing abundance and monetary wealth is that you will need to become a different person in order to attract a large amount of wealth.

Think about that. If today you have very little savings, mounds of bills, and mountains of debt, you will need to become a very different person to amass substantial assets, rid yourself of debt, and pay off all your bills.

There is a lot to learn on the road to wealth and much wisdom to be gained. Even those of us who have been on the path for some time still have more work to do in that regard.

It is an interesting road when you travel to see how much wisdom you can gain. I can’t promise an easy road, but definitely one that is worthwhile.
Why get wealthy? Here are the reasons we’ve come up with so far:
• To relieve pressure and stress
• To lessen worry
• To reduce and eventually eliminate debt
• For the sheer FUN of watching your wealth grow
• For the unique experiences you will be able to enjoy
• For the person you will become through the process of learning and growing in financial wisdom
There is a phrase generally attributed to Sophie Tucker that says it all nicely: “I have been poor and I have been rich. Rich is better.”


1Probably about half an hour or forty-five minutes was my guess…but at seven, that seems like an eternity.
2Just for the record, I took them all to work and gave them away free to all my friends.
3This is an idea that I first heard from businessman, author, and speaker Jim Rohn. I would encourage you to check out his materials. They are wonderful.