Twenty Steps to Achieving Financial Prosperity

1. Start by being grateful for what you already have.
2. Set goals and write them down.
3. Once you’ve determined exactly what you want, focus on it relentlessly.
4. Get started saving and investing immediately!
5. Do something every day that moves you forward toward your financial fortune.
6. Track the flow of abundance in your life.
7. Give money away! Tithing is strongly recommended (giving the first 10% of your earnings right off the top).
8. Use your time wisely. Hours and hours spent in front of a television aren’t going to help your financial life improve.
9. Reduce the clutter in your home, your office, and every part of your environment as much as possible. Clutter is a distraction.
10. Speak only what you want to be true.
11. Be patient. It takes time to build a fortune…often many years.
12. Know where your money is going. Keep an exact journal of your expenses if necessary until you can account for every dollar in your life.
13. Keep your expenses low. See how many ways you can find to cut your spending so you’ll have more to save and invest. Learn to live below your means.
14. Find a career that you love with deep passion. Start it part-time if you need to, but start it!
15. Pay yourself first. (After your tithe, that is.) It’s been well said: Poor people save first and spend what’s left; rich people save first and spend what’s left.
16. Spend your money on things that will improve your net worth rather than on depreciating assets.
17. Learn to enjoy paying your bills.
18. Never stop learning.
19. Invest wisely. (That’s not as easy as it sounds!)
20. Keep yourself healthy and full of energy…and NEVER GIVE UP!