1. Pay attention to the 80/20 rule. Of everything you have, 20 percent of the items provide 80 percent of the value. How much of the other 80 percent can you give away?
2. Spend more time away from the rush and frenzy. Find a personal refuge where you can experience serenity and peace for at least a few minutes every day.
3. Make it a regular practice to visit places where life is simpler.
4. Work for completion. Finish what you start.
5. Relax, let go, and let God. Stop trying so hard to see and decide things for yourself. Ask God for direction and trust him to guide your circumstances.
6. Work on improving your listening skills.
7. Have more bills handled through automatic payment.
8. Learn to handle things only once.
9. Set aside a specific time to handle mail and email each day, including any reading material that comes in that day.
10. Learn from the centenarians: A study of some 450 people who lived to be 100 years of age found that the following reasons contributed to their long and contented lives:

• They kept busy
• They used moderation in all things.
• They ate lightly and simply
• They got a great deal of fun out of life
• They were early to bed and early to rise
• They were free from worry and fear, especially the fear of death
• They had serene minds and faith in God

11. Fix the next ten years now. Small changes in your daily disciplines can take you in much different paths over that period of time.
12. Spend daily time reading the books that will take you where you want to go in the next five years.