Simplify Your Life: 100 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy the Things that Really Matter
Elaine St. James, 1994; New York: Hyperion

This is a wonderful little book that is readable in an evening or two but that deserves a much slower read with frequent stops for reflection. It has six major sections: your household, your life-style, your finances, your job, your health, and your personal life. Are they good? The fact that I have six pages of typed notes from my favorite gleanings should tell you “yes!”1

It is full of the expected and worthy one-sentence bits of wisdom:
• Wise men and women in every major culture throughout history have found that the secret to happiness is not in getting more but in wanting less.
• Learn to meditate.
• Stop trying to change people
• Do one thing at a time

However, it also full of interesting surprises:
• Don’t answer the phone just because it’s ringing.
• Have a fruit or juice fast one day a week.
• Be in bed by nine one night a week.
• Do nothing.

All in all, this is an entirely worthy read for anyone who is truly looking to simplify their life. I’ve read it at least three times over the last ten years and every time I find myself thinking, “Gee, I should really read this every year!”

Search online for a hardcover copy in the original box set. It looks and feels like a treasure – and it truly is.

1It should also tell you that I’m compulsive and neurotic, but that’s a completely different issue.