Much has been written about Americans’ high debt-loads, their poor spending habits, and their inability to save. Why have so many people become mired in the cycle of debt and despair? There are many reasons: lack of education, poor habits, easy credit, and poor role models are just a few.
While many personal finance books are (let’s face it) BORING, Money Games is written in an easily readable, humorous style that many will find enjoyable. If saving won’t happen without fun, neither will reading about saving!
The premise of Money Games is that it is possible for almost anyone to attain sizeable wealth (the author offering himself as living proof)…but that most people fail for one over-arching reason: they haven’t figured out how to make saving FUN!
Money Games offers hope and the reassurance that not only is it possible to break free of debt and despair, it is eminently possible to save money, attract abundance, and still have a blast going through life.

To accomplish these goals, Money Games offers:

• An abundance of fun activities that will lead to greater saving
• Lessons from those who have taken poor paths, and
• Many additional suggested resources for readers who want to take these lessons and move forward.
Not sure if this book is for you? Ask yourself these questions:
• Are you discouraged and up to your eyeballs in debt?
• Do you have trouble saving more than a nickel before an emergency hits?
• Do you continually run out of money before you run out of month?
• Do you want to get out from under those lousy bills?
• Do you want to have fun and save money?
• Are you ready to dramatically change your financial life for the better?
• Are you ready to say “yes” to abundance?
• Then let the Games begin!

Money Games is a collection of eighty-five delightful activities and lessons for people who want to successfully save money, create abundance, and achieve long-term wealth. Get your copy today!