Ten Quick Things You Can Do to Start Simplifying Your Life Today

A. Find some “visible” nearby clutter and spend 15-20 minutes working on cleaning it up. Start with something that will give you immediate gratification.
B. Send “unsubscribe” messages to any vendor whose emails arrive faster than you can keep up with reading them.
C. Toss more junk mail (look for telltale postage).
D. Cancel some of the publications you subscribe to but are chronically behind on reading.
E. Let the answering machine help you screen phone calls. You can always pick up the phone if you determine you need to take a particular call.
F. Get rid of more stuff. Make a game of finding at least three items every day that you can let go to “new homes.” Let them go immediately. Keep playing this game forever. (Trust me – you’ll never run out of items!)
G. Find an item that you “collect” and decide to give away 10% of your already accumulated stash (the 10% you don’t really like anyway!).
H. Stop watching TV news.
I. Decrease time reading newspapers.
J. Cut down the amount of time you spend each day in “escape” reading.