Are you struggling to save money? Are your finances being pummeled by rising food and fuel prices, the turbulent stock market, and the home mortgage crisis? Are your debts spiraling out of control? Are you ready to make a complete u-turn and start moving toward abundance?

If so, you’ve come to a good place. We’ve designed Words of Abundance with you in mind.

Why have we chosen “Words of Abundance” for the name of our site? First we chose “words” because whether you read them, hear them, or speak them, words have the power to change your life for the better. Then we chose “abundance” because it is a wonderful word that means you have more than a sufficient quantity.

If you are ready to end your struggle with money, develop financial wisdom, and begin attracting true abundance into your life, come on in. Plain and simple, our goal is to help you multiply the abundance in your life.

While you will find plenty of articles and materials we’ve developed, you will also find a large number of links to other sites, books, and audio programs. If someone else has a resource we think you will find valuable, we will gladly point you to it. As each of us prospers, all of us prosper. Have fun exploring.

Read. Learn. Connect to resources. Increase your wisdom.

Then return the favor by sharing with us! We’d love to learn from your feedback, improve with your input, and grow in our own wisdom and knowledge as well.

May your blessings be many and exceptional!